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Your name: Teh Miya! o.o! *cough* Miya.
jrockers name (band from): Toshiya (Dir en Grey)
jrockers age/grade: 17/Junior
your AIM sn: sono toki made or yurari to
a sample of your rping: I'm Totchi. :D p.s. this clip is from like.. March 12. o.o;;

TOSHIYA: Toshiya grinned when he saw Shinya smile and giggle, aww, it was so cute. He would have to keep that in mind. "Ah.. well. I can make soup. ..or cereal." he said, that was okay. he wasn't -supposed- to know how to cook, right? yeah, that's what he thought. "and uh.. I suppose she wouldn't be thrilled but.. it's friday ne? and she doesn't have work till.. later. I think. like.. after lunch is when her shift is.. I think. Oh well, it doesn't matter. if you don't want to walk I'll drive." it wasn't like he lived close to the school. It was more reasonable to drive. "And when you think about it, what's the worst she can do to me? she can't kick me out, she needs me to help her pay rent. all she can do is give me dirty looks until she wants something." He said and shrugged lightly, "I dunno.. I'll worry about it later. come on." he said and pat Shinya on the arm as he got up to head out to the kitchen, where he would wait for Shinya and slide around on the linoleum in his socks as he did.

SHINYA: He shrugged, he didn't really know why he was inquiring as to whether or not people would get mad for things... Eh... that didn't really affect him. Or something. He sat up as Toshiya left the room, sitting there for a moment or two before he slid off the bed and made his way into the kitchen... or some closet... whichever he happened to wind up in first. But he didn't get lost and found the kitchen surprisingly easily enough. He was proud of himself now; he was moving up in life. Staring rather blankly at Toshiya, both brows rose and he poked idly at the wall. "So you work, then?" Well, of course Toshiya worked... How else would he have paid for that lovely tea? "I mean, what do you do?" He couldn't help that he was a bit curious, he just wanted to know more about him, that was all. Shinya, himself, was actually quite baffled by this realization -- he'd never really gone to such great lengths to get to know more about people, he simply usually left it hang... He did fine knowing little to nothing about the people he met, but most of his knowledge of people came from simple observations... so he usually knew more about someone than he let on. In a way, he supposed that was the correct way to deal with things, but no harm ever came out of making a bit of effort every now and then.

TOSHIYA: "Yeeah.." Toshiya said as he slid over to Shinya, he stood next to him and pointed to the small table with two seats, even though they were hardly ever occupied at the same time. "You can sit down." he said, smiling a bit at him, before he proceeded to slide back across the kitchen to the fridge and placed his hand on the handle as he thought a minute, he wouldn't tell Shinya what he normally told people when they asked what he did, "I work at a manga.. place.. thing. ..behind the counter and stuff." he said as he looked over at him again, before he pulled open the fridge and looked inside, then closed it again and spun on his heel halfway around to face the counter and cabinets behind him. He couldn't remember what he was doing for a minute and scratched his head as he leaned against the fridge, but it was cold against his bare back and he jumped. He usually did act in that way, except, he was a little more obnoxious about it when he was alone. Normally, he would've turned around, kicked the fridge, then started bitching about it hurting. But now he just tried to act normal about it and looked back to Shinya again when he realized what he was supposed to be doing, "Oh, right., what do you want for breakfast?"

your jrockers journal: xxx__obscure
comments: um...rawr. :D HI. I'm shy. n.n!
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