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Enter Kaoru

Your name: Nikki

jrockers name (band from): Kaoru from Dir en grey

jrockers age/grade: 17/Senior (12th grade)

your AIM sn: xdomesticxfxcker

a sample of your rping:

Kaoru was not happy.

And who in his shoes would be? It was only a week ago that he and his family had moved to Tokyo from Hyougo; the reason why was completely beyond him, but he stopped caring about it after a while. Whatever it was, he was convinced he couldn't reverse it. He was stuck in a place he didn't want to be - not specifically Tokyo, but he'd much rather be in Hyougo.

On top of that, his parents had refused to give him a ride to school, and when he asked to borrow the car instead, they simply stared at him as if he had lost his mind.

But the spark of his anger was not lit by that. He wasn't sure if it was because of the car that had sped by and splashed water onto his uniform, or the skateboarder who had so carelessly knocked him over and destroyed his glasses. Kaoru did not say anything to the kid, and had stood up by himself, ignoring the hand he was offered, and continued to walk.

Kaoru was in the school building now. His stress had led him to crumpling up the schedule in his hand, and the squeaking of his shoes as he stepped along was not helping. He angrilly opened the large gymnasium doors, let them fly open and then slam behind him. He stared at the ground, letting his black hair (which had a few strands of purple since he had been forced to take out his dye by parents) shield his face, and walked over to the instructor. He wordlessly lifted up his schedule, and straightened it out, causing water to fling in every-which-way. The gym teacher blinked at him after taking a quick peek at his schedule, and when he tried to welcome him, Kaoru was already walking away. Kaoru didn't look around when he went to sit down, but he knew people were talking about him.

your jrockers journal: marrant_oddity

comments: ^.^ Hello-hello. This should be fun. I gave Kaoru glasses instead of contacts because . . . yeah XD
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