Lucy (storm__blast) wrote in jrock_high,

Your name: Miya
jrockers name (band from): C-Rocker? o.o;; Lucy! :D Silver Ash
jrockers age/grade: 16/sophmore
your AIM sn: sono toki made / yurari to
a sample of your rping:
Lucy was in a terrible position. He was in Japan. Tokyo, of course nothing could be easy and he couldn't live in..less of a city. with less people. And his Japanese sucked. And he looked like a girl. With his long blue hair and his silly little skirt. He wasn't sure why he wore skirts sometimes. But he did. and when he didn't, it didn't matter anyway, 'cause he still looked like a girl. And there were too many people around for the poor boy who was terribly shy. And he wasn't even sure where he was. He was supposed to be going to the high school. How on earth was he going to survive that? Oh boy...

your jrockers journal: storm__blast
comments: ni hao ma? :D wo shi Lucy.
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