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Your name: Kia! Again!

jrockers name (band from): Seek. From Psycho le Cemu

jrockers age/grade: Sixteen! - Junior.

your AIM sn: Die loves Shinya

a sample of your rping:

Seek:The dark haired man narrowed his eyes further as his brain insisted in registering a rather large, green fly on his television screen, which actually wasn't there. Hmm. Well, that certainly was interesting. Deciding to get the damn fly off the screen, as it was disturbing a very interesting documentary on fish, Seek tossed a box of kleenex tissues at the screen, but managed to miss the fly. Or at least, that's what it seemed like, although the fly did actually disappear so something was achieved. With a frustrated huff, he decided to get up, merely because he was simply too excited from the amount of medicine he'd taken, his adrenaline system pumping hard and filling him with unbelievable enthusiasm as he practically rolled off the bed, overestimating himself just a little as this wonderful act ended up with Seek on the floor, face first into the cold wood of his bedroom. "Itaiii," he grumbled, eyebrows furrowing together in an instant irritation as he pushed himself up to his knees, deciding that he was feeling just a little too light headed to brave walking, so crawling would do. The floor of his room was filled with endless supplies of flu and cold medicines, boxes of tissues, a nice little bin filled to the top with used tissues and cold face wipes, and of course, all sorts of clothes from where cold and hot flushes chose to interfere and make life even more complicated than necessary. When the target of the kitchen was reached, Seek managed to crawl onto the kitchen surface, turning on the kettle and lying down beside it, suddenly feeling the energy that had been achieved from taking just a little too much medication had, and horrid nausea make him sleepy. Oh, sleep did sound so wonderful now. So with an adorable little pout, the blue haired man decided to reach for the hot water bottle, shaped and designed like a colourful fish of course, that had been thrown away earlier, and take a nap on the uncomfortable marble surface.

Lida: As promised earlier , Lida had taken time out from his day to visit the sick and soon to be recovering Seek. In fact at the moment , Lida was now at the drug store , tupperware full of soup in hand as he wandered over to the pharmacy to fetch that strawberry syrup Seek loved so much and just insisted on having , Lida sighed inwardly , blowing a strand of bright orange hair away from his face that simply refused to stay tucked in to the backwards baseball cap he had decidedly worn today ( which by the way , clashed with his wardrobe horribly ). Standing in front of the medicinal aisle , Lida looked about quickly for the medication in question and once the box was spotted with those pretty brown eyes of his. He plucked it from it`s perch before hurriedly rushing off towards the cash register and paying for the product. Once that was done and over with , Lida stepped out the the shop and began a steady walk towards Seek`s apartment complex , which really wasn`t more than a few blocks away last time he checked. Taking in mind the fact that he hadn`t called in advance , Lida fished his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Seek`s number and after a few rings and the pick up of Seek`s answering machine , left a silly message which simply consisted of him singing something about sheeps and constepation. Humming softly to himself as he walked , Lida turned the corner and headed into the apartment complex , stopping in front of the room the had been assigned to Seek. He knocked once. " Hello ..? Seek? Are you there? It`s Lida. " Shifting from one foot to the other he pulled at his shirt and flattened out the wrinkles in his pants. " Seek? " He called out again.

Seek: Oh great. Now the brief dream he was currently experiencing contained sheep. Damn it. In his sleep, Seek wrinkled his nose cutely, nuzzling the fish shaped hot water bottle and releasing a slight groan of frustration as he felt himself being yanked from sleep for reasons yet unknown. With fake crying and pouting, his pretty, tired eyes opened slowly and he was gradually yanked back to the real world, everything appearing to make much more sense now. And then the voice. Oh, Christ, was the medicine driving him to the point of insanity where he would hear Lida everywhere...? The poor bassist's brilliant mahogany eyes widened and he practically fell from the kitchen counter, feeling incredibly clumsy today as he landed in a position which would guarantee a grazed knee. Embarrassingly enough, it did actually take several minutes for the blue haired individual to realise that Lida was not, in fact, stuck in any of his furniture, but at the door. So with the hot water bottle still under one arm, he slipped his large feet into some adorable happy face slippers, waddling to the door with a chorus of curses and incoherent rambling, directed at everything and anything in this horrid and merciless world. Frowning, the bassist finally managed to unlock all of his super paranoid security locks, ending up taking a lot longer than expected and now standing in front of Lida in a horrid manner that would no doubt have him blushing with hind sight. His blue hair, shoulder length and in it's full, blossoming colour at the moment, fell, messily to his shoulders, strands obscuring his perfect features as they glared at Lida in confusion. A deep blue dressing gown was worn, hanging lightly from his shoulders, over his plain black t-shirt, and a pair of -very- loose cotton grey pyjama pants, hanging daringly low from his hips but thankfully hiding the majority of his stomach due to the length of the shirt. "Yo," he greeted with a small smile and a playful salute, taking a step back. "Come in." And Seek's facial piercings were taken out, too! What an achievement.

your jrockers journal: fish__god

comments: Yay! This is Seekums. He's shy, sweet, on the soccer team (I can't help it! XD He looks cute playing football >_> ) and likes... a lot of things. Love him.
And um... people message Kia. She's shy and paranoid! 8D but NICE. Honest.
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