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Your name: Maz
jrockers name (band from): Yoshiki (X Japan)
jrockers age/grade: 42 / Principal
your AIM sn: LadyLakise
a sample of your rping: Pulling up in his reasonably new BMW, Yoshiki retrieved his umbrella from the back seat and got out of the car, only to curse as he got practically drenched before he could even put the damned thing up. Striding across the staff carpark with his best 'um-impressed' expression, Principal Yoshiki entered the school building, which at this time was beginning to sound with the voices of dozens of weary, equally drenched teenagers. The ones that he passed nodded at him respectfully, half bowing as he walked by, one soaked umbrella in his left hand and a brief case in the other. A short glare was shot towards a group of delinquents who knew they were in trouble for bullying a younger year that previous week, yet he would deal with them later, as it was way too early now. After finally reaching the cool solitude of his office, the principal dumped his belongings and almost collapsed into his comfortable leather seat, which creaked as he sat forward again, to press his phone to ask his personal assistant for a coffee. Ah, how he loved mondays.
your jrockers journal: __Sir__
comments: Naka made me join! And..and...this should be fun XD I'll try to make him a good head teacher, but he may still keep his short temper >D so be good!
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