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your name: Nicole (nikki)

jrockers name (band from): Fara, n/a
jrockers age/grade: 16 turning 17/17-junior
your AIM sn: exsponged
a sample of your rping:  she wandered down the halls of her soon to be new high school and ripped the costomary HI: MY NAME IS.. sticker off her sweatshirt and stuck it on her bag.  she walked into the back room of the theater and instantly saw the old, dusty piano. she slowly walked over to it, straighening out her tight jeans, running her hands over the random patches of plaid that covered comprimising parts that had ripped. hugging herself lightly she obsorbed the warmth of her white-ish/grey-ish sweat shirt (it was one size too small for her, but she didnt care),  she took off the white canvas sheet that was covering the piano. a cloud of dust surrounded her, and threw her into a coughing fit. when her coughing subdued, she sat down, brushing a lock of her curly blue/black hair behind her ear and started to play a few random, out of tune keys. this was the best thing she's found at this school so far. the off-tune notes transported her into a daze, making her feel like no problems existed in the world or better yet, her world. no longer did she have to hide her nose peircing from her father (or any other peircing she had for that matter), her mother was no longer dead. she wanted to stay in that room with that broken piano for as long as possible.

your jrockers journal: hano_ne
comments: *being a dork* HI GABITHA!! XD

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