Hitsugi (graveboy) wrote in jrock_high,

Your name: Jenelle
jrockers name (band from): Hitsugi from Nightmare
jrockers age/grade: 17 (senior)
your AIM sn: x rose garnet x
a sample of your rping: Hitsugi sloppishly rolled out of bed. Grabbing his night stand as he had almost fell on the floor again; he squinted at his alarm clock. ``ugh......why do I have to wake up so early...`` He thought to himself blandly. Looking around his bedroom it was dark and gloomy. His walls were painted all black with a red ceiling...His parents weren`t too fond of what he had done without their permission. But that never stopped him from doing it. As Hitsugi yawned and streatched the lanky boy headed over to his closet. As his feet dragged through the soft scarlet carpeting he opened he broken door taking out a wrinkly uniform. Brushing his hair it dimly flopped down. He needed to re-dye it...The black roots could be seen but it added somewhat emphasis to the red tips it had. As Hitsugi grabbed his pans and slipped them on he tripped as usual. Buttoning up the plain wrinkled white shirt he thought to himself. These school uniforms suck.... As he finished washing up he put on his tie sloppily, and refused to wear the jacket the school had enforced him to wear since freshman year. As Hitsugi grabbed his back pack as he put on his glasses. He only neede them for reading uses but oh well. He dimly looked over to his eyeliner in wich he ``wished`` the school would not spaz over if worn by a boy. Sighing he left his bedroom giving his mother a swift kiss good bye and saying good bye to his father. ``I hate school...`` He muttered as he trotted away to get to the train station.
your jrockers journal: graveboy
comments: I hope to have fun here!
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