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Faded Styles Fall Away [entries|friends|calendar]
~Faded Styles~

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[11.25.2004 at 4:28pm.]

[ mood | determined ]


Hallo, Maz here! *waves*

I'm not quitting, don't worry, but I do just want to say that since I've joined I haven't rped with anyone from Jrock_high and I'm not bitching about that, because it's also down to the fact that I'm a lazy bugger that has a crappy memory.
I'm quite busy at the moment, and never on for more than a few hours, but if you would like to rp with me, I would welcome some new friends and I'll try and make some time for it.
My AIM is 'LadyLakise' and I'm in england so I'm usually on from about 6-9pm my time so remember that XD

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moding stuff..blah [11.05.2004 at 4:16pm.]
[ mood | blah ]

okay.. here's the deal. Im extending rules for people. Im not putting you all on watch or anything, sammi's back which makes me happy. plus Maz and people updated which, again, makes me happy. please keep this thing going, I like it. dont want it to die. thank you!

-teh naka ness! <3

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modness of d00m [11.01.2004 at 6:10pm.]

>< I refuse to let this die.

soooooooooo, all of you are on character watch. yep. if you don't update I'll take your characters away. so PLEASE update. and if you wanna quit 'cause it's too much with school and all I understand ^^;;

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[10.18.2004 at 5:54pm.]

Your name: Jenelle
jrockers name (band from): Hitsugi from Nightmare
jrockers age/grade: 17 (senior)
your AIM sn: x rose garnet x
a sample of your rping: Hitsugi sloppishly rolled out of bed. Grabbing his night stand as he had almost fell on the floor again; he squinted at his alarm clock. ``ugh......why do I have to wake up so early...`` He thought to himself blandly. Looking around his bedroom it was dark and gloomy. His walls were painted all black with a red ceiling...His parents weren`t too fond of what he had done without their permission. But that never stopped him from doing it. As Hitsugi yawned and streatched the lanky boy headed over to his closet. As his feet dragged through the soft scarlet carpeting he opened he broken door taking out a wrinkly uniform. Brushing his hair it dimly flopped down. He needed to re-dye it...The black roots could be seen but it added somewhat emphasis to the red tips it had. As Hitsugi grabbed his pans and slipped them on he tripped as usual. Buttoning up the plain wrinkled white shirt he thought to himself. These school uniforms suck.... As he finished washing up he put on his tie sloppily, and refused to wear the jacket the school had enforced him to wear since freshman year. As Hitsugi grabbed his back pack as he put on his glasses. He only neede them for reading uses but oh well. He dimly looked over to his eyeliner in wich he ``wished`` the school would not spaz over if worn by a boy. Sighing he left his bedroom giving his mother a swift kiss good bye and saying good bye to his father. ``I hate school...`` He muttered as he trotted away to get to the train station.
your jrockers journal: graveboy
comments: I hope to have fun here!
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[10.11.2004 at 6:49pm.]
[ mood | not happy ]

okay..I hate to do this buuuuut,

moni(lida)..kia(seek)..nikki (kaoru)and miya (Lucy):

you havent updated in a few weeks, some of them havent even been updated at all. you have one week to update them o-o. I love you all but, ne, please update? *hates being mean*

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puhleeease people.. [10.06.2004 at 9:12pm.]

people..update..journals.. puhlease! before I am forced into harsh harsh moding. >O!


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[10.06.2004 at 9:05pm.]


your name: Nicole (nikki)

jrockers name (band from): Fara, n/a
jrockers age/grade: 16 turning 17/17-junior
your AIM sn: exsponged
a sample of your rping:  she wandered down the halls of her soon to be new high school and ripped the costomary HI: MY NAME IS.. sticker off her sweatshirt and stuck it on her bag.  she walked into the back room of the theater and instantly saw the old, dusty piano. she slowly walked over to it, straighening out her tight jeans, running her hands over the random patches of plaid that covered comprimising parts that had ripped. hugging herself lightly she obsorbed the warmth of her white-ish/grey-ish sweat shirt (it was one size too small for her, but she didnt care),  she took off the white canvas sheet that was covering the piano. a cloud of dust surrounded her, and threw her into a coughing fit. when her coughing subdued, she sat down, brushing a lock of her curly blue/black hair behind her ear and started to play a few random, out of tune keys. this was the best thing she's found at this school so far. the off-tune notes transported her into a daze, making her feel like no problems existed in the world or better yet, her world. no longer did she have to hide her nose peircing from her father (or any other peircing she had for that matter), her mother was no longer dead. she wanted to stay in that room with that broken piano for as long as possible.

your jrockers journal: hano_ne
comments: *being a dork* HI GABITHA!! XD

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. . . [10.01.2004 at 8:37am.]

[ mood | pissed off ]

REMEMBER to update your journals. . . . . . .

Thank you.

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Er. o_o; Bwahaha. [09.28.2004 at 12:04pm.]

Your name: Donna.
jrockers name (band from): Sakito from Nightmare.
jrockers age/grade: 17, Senior.
your AIM sn: lo necromance ol
a sample of your rping: Sakito stood outside his house, his mother watching him from the window. First day of school. He hated school, but he figured that since this would be his last year of High School.. he'd make the best of it. Besides, his mother was so 'proud' of him for making it this far. She never thought he'd make it through Junior year. Heh.. it was sure -nice- to know that your own mother didn't have faith in you; let alone anyone else. He sighed softly, and brushed a few strands of hair from his eyes, and looked back to the window. His mother was still watching, smile upon her face. Great. So, he smiled back; and started to walk off. Well, he got as far as the curb when the window opened.

"Saki~!" his mother called, grinning from ear to ear. She hadn't been this happy since before his father left; so Sakito figured he should humor her. He looked over his shoulder at her, mentally thanking god that there wasn't anyone he knew wandering around at this particular moment. "You forgot your lunch money!" she called again, this time half of her body was dangling out of the window. Sakito closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. Now he was -REALLY- glad no one was seeing this. He hurried back to the window, and took the money from his mother after she held it out to him. But before he could get away, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to plant a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

"..Mother!" he whined, breaking free from her grasp and wiping the slobber off his face. Ew. That was gross. When she started to laugh at him, he glared. "Not funny.." he mumbled as he pocketed the money.

"Aw.. poor baby. Or should I say 'poor grown up son'?" her smile only seemed to intensify. If she could smile any bigger, she'd be stretching her face out to the maximum and then some. It was kinda scary, and he -really- wanted to just get to school already. "You have a great first day, ne? And be nice to your teachers. And don't talk to strangers. And look both ways before crossing the road.."

Sakito continued to glare. His mom was completely nuts! "MOTHER!" he said interrupting her and another one of her 'don't yadda yadda yadda' speeches. "Calm down. I'm 17 years old. Not 5. Don't worry so much. Relax." He patted her arm and smiled, "I'll see you when I get home, ne?" He gave her another sweet little smile and turned away from the window, "Ittemairimasu.." Then he was off walking, a little faster considering school started in a bit. He didn't want to be late on the -first- day.

your jrockers journal: _s_a_k_i_t_o_
comments: o_o; Hello. This rp looks like it would be fun. <3 And I know a couple of people here from other rps. ^_^;
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[09.26.2004 at 8:59pm.]

[ mood | busy ]

Your name: Maz
jrockers name (band from): Yoshiki (X Japan)
jrockers age/grade: 42 / Principal
your AIM sn: LadyLakise
a sample of your rping: Pulling up in his reasonably new BMW, Yoshiki retrieved his umbrella from the back seat and got out of the car, only to curse as he got practically drenched before he could even put the damned thing up. Striding across the staff carpark with his best 'um-impressed' expression, Principal Yoshiki entered the school building, which at this time was beginning to sound with the voices of dozens of weary, equally drenched teenagers. The ones that he passed nodded at him respectfully, half bowing as he walked by, one soaked umbrella in his left hand and a brief case in the other. A short glare was shot towards a group of delinquents who knew they were in trouble for bullying a younger year that previous week, yet he would deal with them later, as it was way too early now. After finally reaching the cool solitude of his office, the principal dumped his belongings and almost collapsed into his comfortable leather seat, which creaked as he sat forward again, to press his phone to ask his personal assistant for a coffee. Ah, how he loved mondays.
your jrockers journal: __Sir__
comments: Naka made me join! And..and...this should be fun XD I'll try to make him a good head teacher, but he may still keep his short temper >D so be good!

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Totally OOC [09.23.2004 at 3:06pm.]

[ mood | pleased ]

I couldn't help myself and had to post this so here goes:

Just a . . . bannerCollapse )

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[09.21.2004 at 10:56pm.]

[ mood | cold ]

Your name: Kia! Again!

jrockers name (band from): Seek. From Psycho le Cemu

jrockers age/grade: Sixteen! - Junior.

your AIM sn: Die loves Shinya

a sample of your rping:

Seek:The dark haired man narrowed his eyes further as his brain insisted in registering a rather large, green fly on his television screen, which actually wasn't there. Hmm. Well, that certainly was interesting. Deciding to get the damn fly off the screen, as it was disturbing a very interesting documentary on fish, Seek tossed a box of kleenex tissues at the screen, but managed to miss the fly. Or at least, that's what it seemed like, although the fly did actually disappear so something was achieved. With a frustrated huff, he decided to get up, merely because he was simply too excited from the amount of medicine he'd taken, his adrenaline system pumping hard and filling him with unbelievable enthusiasm as he practically rolled off the bed, overestimating himself just a little as this wonderful act ended up with Seek on the floor, face first into the cold wood of his bedroom. "Itaiii," he grumbled, eyebrows furrowing together in an instant irritation as he pushed himself up to his knees, deciding that he was feeling just a little too light headed to brave walking, so crawling would do. The floor of his room was filled with endless supplies of flu and cold medicines, boxes of tissues, a nice little bin filled to the top with used tissues and cold face wipes, and of course, all sorts of clothes from where cold and hot flushes chose to interfere and make life even more complicated than necessary. When the target of the kitchen was reached, Seek managed to crawl onto the kitchen surface, turning on the kettle and lying down beside it, suddenly feeling the energy that had been achieved from taking just a little too much medication had, and horrid nausea make him sleepy. Oh, sleep did sound so wonderful now. So with an adorable little pout, the blue haired man decided to reach for the hot water bottle, shaped and designed like a colourful fish of course, that had been thrown away earlier, and take a nap on the uncomfortable marble surface.

Lida: As promised earlier , Lida had taken time out from his day to visit the sick and soon to be recovering Seek. In fact at the moment , Lida was now at the drug store , tupperware full of soup in hand as he wandered over to the pharmacy to fetch that strawberry syrup Seek loved so much and just insisted on having , Lida sighed inwardly , blowing a strand of bright orange hair away from his face that simply refused to stay tucked in to the backwards baseball cap he had decidedly worn today ( which by the way , clashed with his wardrobe horribly ). Standing in front of the medicinal aisle , Lida looked about quickly for the medication in question and once the box was spotted with those pretty brown eyes of his. He plucked it from it`s perch before hurriedly rushing off towards the cash register and paying for the product. Once that was done and over with , Lida stepped out the the shop and began a steady walk towards Seek`s apartment complex , which really wasn`t more than a few blocks away last time he checked. Taking in mind the fact that he hadn`t called in advance , Lida fished his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Seek`s number and after a few rings and the pick up of Seek`s answering machine , left a silly message which simply consisted of him singing something about sheeps and constepation. Humming softly to himself as he walked , Lida turned the corner and headed into the apartment complex , stopping in front of the room the had been assigned to Seek. He knocked once. " Hello ..? Seek? Are you there? It`s Lida. " Shifting from one foot to the other he pulled at his shirt and flattened out the wrinkles in his pants. " Seek? " He called out again.

Seek: Oh great. Now the brief dream he was currently experiencing contained sheep. Damn it. In his sleep, Seek wrinkled his nose cutely, nuzzling the fish shaped hot water bottle and releasing a slight groan of frustration as he felt himself being yanked from sleep for reasons yet unknown. With fake crying and pouting, his pretty, tired eyes opened slowly and he was gradually yanked back to the real world, everything appearing to make much more sense now. And then the voice. Oh, Christ, was the medicine driving him to the point of insanity where he would hear Lida everywhere...? The poor bassist's brilliant mahogany eyes widened and he practically fell from the kitchen counter, feeling incredibly clumsy today as he landed in a position which would guarantee a grazed knee. Embarrassingly enough, it did actually take several minutes for the blue haired individual to realise that Lida was not, in fact, stuck in any of his furniture, but at the door. So with the hot water bottle still under one arm, he slipped his large feet into some adorable happy face slippers, waddling to the door with a chorus of curses and incoherent rambling, directed at everything and anything in this horrid and merciless world. Frowning, the bassist finally managed to unlock all of his super paranoid security locks, ending up taking a lot longer than expected and now standing in front of Lida in a horrid manner that would no doubt have him blushing with hind sight. His blue hair, shoulder length and in it's full, blossoming colour at the moment, fell, messily to his shoulders, strands obscuring his perfect features as they glared at Lida in confusion. A deep blue dressing gown was worn, hanging lightly from his shoulders, over his plain black t-shirt, and a pair of -very- loose cotton grey pyjama pants, hanging daringly low from his hips but thankfully hiding the majority of his stomach due to the length of the shirt. "Yo," he greeted with a small smile and a playful salute, taking a step back. "Come in." And Seek's facial piercings were taken out, too! What an achievement.

your jrockers journal: fish__god

comments: Yay! This is Seekums. He's shy, sweet, on the soccer team (I can't help it! XD He looks cute playing football >_> ) and likes... a lot of things. Love him.
And um... people message Kia. She's shy and paranoid! 8D but NICE. Honest.

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[09.18.2004 at 4:53pm.]

Your name: Miya
jrockers name (band from): C-Rocker? o.o;; Lucy! :D Silver Ash
jrockers age/grade: 16/sophmore
your AIM sn: sono toki made / yurari to
a sample of your rping:
Lucy was in a terrible position. He was in Japan. Tokyo, of course nothing could be easy and he couldn't live in..less of a city. with less people. And his Japanese sucked. And he looked like a girl. With his long blue hair and his silly little skirt. He wasn't sure why he wore skirts sometimes. But he did. and when he didn't, it didn't matter anyway, 'cause he still looked like a girl. And there were too many people around for the poor boy who was terribly shy. And he wasn't even sure where he was. He was supposed to be going to the high school. How on earth was he going to survive that? Oh boy...

your jrockers journal: storm__blast
comments: ni hao ma? :D wo shi Lucy.
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Enter Kaoru [09.18.2004 at 2:32pm.]

[ mood | nervous ]

Your name: Nikki

jrockers name (band from): Kaoru from Dir en grey

jrockers age/grade: 17/Senior (12th grade)

your AIM sn: xdomesticxfxcker

a sample of your rping:

Kaoru was not happy.

And who in his shoes would be? It was only a week ago that he and his family had moved to Tokyo from Hyougo; the reason why was completely beyond him, but he stopped caring about it after a while. Whatever it was, he was convinced he couldn't reverse it. He was stuck in a place he didn't want to be - not specifically Tokyo, but he'd much rather be in Hyougo.

On top of that, his parents had refused to give him a ride to school, and when he asked to borrow the car instead, they simply stared at him as if he had lost his mind.

But the spark of his anger was not lit by that. He wasn't sure if it was because of the car that had sped by and splashed water onto his uniform, or the skateboarder who had so carelessly knocked him over and destroyed his glasses. Kaoru did not say anything to the kid, and had stood up by himself, ignoring the hand he was offered, and continued to walk.

Kaoru was in the school building now. His stress had led him to crumpling up the schedule in his hand, and the squeaking of his shoes as he stepped along was not helping. He angrilly opened the large gymnasium doors, let them fly open and then slam behind him. He stared at the ground, letting his black hair (which had a few strands of purple since he had been forced to take out his dye by parents) shield his face, and walked over to the instructor. He wordlessly lifted up his schedule, and straightened it out, causing water to fling in every-which-way. The gym teacher blinked at him after taking a quick peek at his schedule, and when he tried to welcome him, Kaoru was already walking away. Kaoru didn't look around when he went to sit down, but he knew people were talking about him.

your jrockers journal: marrant_oddity

comments: ^.^ Hello-hello. This should be fun. I gave Kaoru glasses instead of contacts because . . . yeah XD

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[09.18.2004 at 3:25pm.]

[ mood | amused ]

Your name: Teh Miya! o.o! *cough* Miya.
jrockers name (band from): Toshiya (Dir en Grey)
jrockers age/grade: 17/Junior
your AIM sn: sono toki made or yurari to
a sample of your rping: I'm Totchi. :D p.s. this clip is from like.. March 12. o.o;;

TOSHIYA: Toshiya grinned when he saw Shinya smile and giggle, aww, it was so cute. He would have to keep that in mind. "Ah.. well. I can make soup. ..or cereal." he said, that was okay. he wasn't -supposed- to know how to cook, right? yeah, that's what he thought. "and uh.. I suppose she wouldn't be thrilled but.. it's friday ne? and she doesn't have work till.. later. I think. like.. after lunch is when her shift is.. I think. Oh well, it doesn't matter. if you don't want to walk I'll drive." it wasn't like he lived close to the school. It was more reasonable to drive. "And when you think about it, what's the worst she can do to me? she can't kick me out, she needs me to help her pay rent. all she can do is give me dirty looks until she wants something." He said and shrugged lightly, "I dunno.. I'll worry about it later. come on." he said and pat Shinya on the arm as he got up to head out to the kitchen, where he would wait for Shinya and slide around on the linoleum in his socks as he did.

SHINYA: He shrugged, he didn't really know why he was inquiring as to whether or not people would get mad for things... Eh... that didn't really affect him. Or something. He sat up as Toshiya left the room, sitting there for a moment or two before he slid off the bed and made his way into the kitchen... or some closet... whichever he happened to wind up in first. But he didn't get lost and found the kitchen surprisingly easily enough. He was proud of himself now; he was moving up in life. Staring rather blankly at Toshiya, both brows rose and he poked idly at the wall. "So you work, then?" Well, of course Toshiya worked... How else would he have paid for that lovely tea? "I mean, what do you do?" He couldn't help that he was a bit curious, he just wanted to know more about him, that was all. Shinya, himself, was actually quite baffled by this realization -- he'd never really gone to such great lengths to get to know more about people, he simply usually left it hang... He did fine knowing little to nothing about the people he met, but most of his knowledge of people came from simple observations... so he usually knew more about someone than he let on. In a way, he supposed that was the correct way to deal with things, but no harm ever came out of making a bit of effort every now and then.

TOSHIYA: "Yeeah.." Toshiya said as he slid over to Shinya, he stood next to him and pointed to the small table with two seats, even though they were hardly ever occupied at the same time. "You can sit down." he said, smiling a bit at him, before he proceeded to slide back across the kitchen to the fridge and placed his hand on the handle as he thought a minute, he wouldn't tell Shinya what he normally told people when they asked what he did, "I work at a manga.. place.. thing. ..behind the counter and stuff." he said as he looked over at him again, before he pulled open the fridge and looked inside, then closed it again and spun on his heel halfway around to face the counter and cabinets behind him. He couldn't remember what he was doing for a minute and scratched his head as he leaned against the fridge, but it was cold against his bare back and he jumped. He usually did act in that way, except, he was a little more obnoxious about it when he was alone. Normally, he would've turned around, kicked the fridge, then started bitching about it hurting. But now he just tried to act normal about it and looked back to Shinya again when he realized what he was supposed to be doing, "Oh, right. ..so, what do you want for breakfast?"

your jrockers journal: xxx__obscure
comments: um...rawr. :D HI. I'm shy. n.n!

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y0! 8D [09.18.2004 at 1:45pm.]


Your name: Shin`ya , Moni

Jrocker`s name (band from): Lida , Psycho le cemu

Jrocker`s age/grade: Senior , 12th , 17 yrs old.

Your AIM sn: zankoku na made

a sample of your rping:

LIDA: " I brought you soup and that medicine you wanted. " Lifting both hands , he pushed the plastic bag and container of soup against Seek`s chest , making sure not to push to hard in fear of hurting the ill man. Once Seek had guesstured for him to come in , however , Lida quickly kicked off his shoes and made himself at home , but not before taking of his baseball cap , allowing his hair to spread about rampantly around his head. " How are you feeling .. ? " Quickly , he pressed palm against Seek`s forehead , noting how hot the other was before removing it and placing his hand by his side. " Judging by your temperature I`m sure you`re feeling like crap. " Lida joked , wrinkling his nose in a manner that most would find adorable as he flashed Seek a crooked smile before turning on his heel and sauntering into the kitchen to fetch a spoon for the soup he had brought over for Seek. " I hope you like the soup .. " He declared softly as he fished through the silverware drawer. " .. I made it myself after all. " He added soon after before releasing a small laugh and returning to stand in front of Seek , spoon in hand. " And don`t worry , I didn`t poison it or anything if that`s what you`re thinking. " Tugging on Seek`s shirt sleeve he motioned for the other to sit on the couch before carefully plopping down beside the blue haired man. " Other than that though , you look nice .. for a sick person that is .. I mean .. er .. not that you don`t look nice when you`re well or anything. " He coughed softly and cleared his throat. " Anyways .. eat up! "

SEEK: Seek kind of... watched. The poor, distorted bassist simply stood still, holding the soup, which was so precious and warm, to his chest as he watched Lida move through his apartment, wondering how the other remembered where everything was since the construction of it all seemed as complicated as a maze to him at this very moment. "Um..." he looked at Lida curiously, as if studying him, head tilted to the side. He was, actually taking a little time to observe the guitarist, looking for any minor changes, since his glasses and contacts weren't currently present in making his vision normal, and Lida was just a little blurred. "...wow," he managed to somewhat regain his speech again, as those fuzzy slippered feet made their way to where he was guided, slipping down and looking at Lida with that obstructed curiosity again as he played with the spoon in-between his calloused fingertips. "...thanks... for the soup," a small smile of his own stretched his pale lips, as he finally realised just what he wad to do with the food, and despite not being ridiculously hungry, he decided that it would be interesting to try Lida's cooking since it didn't contain the said poison. "...and the message," he continued, pulling a rather cute face as he took the soup out, getting some on his large spoon and blowing on it before sipping it off cautiously, almost expecting to find some of Aya's remains in there. Or something of the sort. "Which made me dream about sheep," he wrinkled his nose adorably in Lida's direction, deciding to he was actually finding this soup quite delicious so he had a few more mouthfuls, almost looking at Lida in disbelief. "Wow, this is *nice*," he grinned, the comment not at all called for but he couldn't resist, elbowing Lida lightly in the side and practically collapsing on him as a result, since he was suddenly so damn sleepy. "What did you put in it?" And then, he chuckled softly, putting the soup down for a moment and pointing to himself, remembering Lida's comment. "'Nice?' How can this look 'nice?'" Pointing to his rather cute face now, he chuckled. "Not at all, but thank you for trying to make me feel better. You don't look too bad yourself."

LIDA: A small smile crept onto Lida`s lips as he watched Seek eat contently an unintentionally he scooted closer , draping his arm around Seek just as he practically collapsed atop Lida. " What`s in it .. ? " He paused for a moment in thought , pressing his index finger to his bottom lip , biting his fingertip softly before speaking. " Well ... I went to the park today and caught some fish ... " He started , grin growing more and more every passing second. " .. and one of them happened to be a catfish .. so I made soup out of it. It was huge .. and it reminded me of a neko neko. " To further elaborate Lida stretched his arms in a more than exaggerated visual reference. " .. I think it might`ve been that catfish you`re so fond of though. Then again , I can`t tell any of them apart so I just stewed them all. " Long fingers played idly with Seek`s hair as he took a deep breath and tried his best to calm his racing heary and his laughter as he leaned his back against the couch`s armrest , causing Seek to lay further on top of him with his head resting on Lida`s shoulder and Lida`s other arm propped atop the small of Seek`s back. " I hope you`re not mad or anything. I mean , it`s the thought that counts .. right ...? " He raised one of his finely manicured eyebrows before shutting his eyes. " And you look nice. Don`t disagree with me , okay .. ? " Lida wrinkled his nose , unknowingly tightening his grip on Seek`s much slender body.

SEEK: "LIDA!!" Seek practically shrieked, his brilliant hazel brown eyes widening in an instant, the soup completelly forgotten as the bassist twirled in his position, pressing his chest into the older man's as he gazed at him deeply with that expression of disbelief. "You KILLED Big Neko?!" His other hand moved to wrap long, slender fingers around the fabric of the other's shirt close to his heart, the grip so tight his knuckles turned an unhealthy shade of white as he looked up, lips parted, absolutelly shocked. "You murderer" Of course, much emphasis was added to this and Seek released a little squeak of terror as his eyes slowly shifted back to the soup, widening into a rather comical, cartoon-like expression, over-emotional anime hues as he realised that he had, or so he thought, ate his most beloved companion. Even though Big Neko technically wasn't his, he held a love for that cat fish much deeper than any caretaker! So the love, in his eyes, made Big Neko his most valued fish friend. "That is...." he looked back at the leader, his grip releasing on his shirt and instead he hit him lightly, well, rather with all the strength he possessed, but due to his unhappy state it turned feather light, emotions beginning to overtake him tremendously. His reaction time was slow, so now it was coming back, his entire complexion turned even more childlike, sad, and completely pitiful. "...ohmygod...you're EVIL!" Even more emphasis, yet despite his suddenly developed hate for Lida, he nevertheless remained pressing to him, feeling his own heart beat increase in frequency, his cheeks taking a blush much deeper than one of fever. "I can't believe you did that! That's so heartless! OH!" Seek was whining now, not at all prepared to give Lida as much of a hard time as he would... had Lida killed a dog, for instance... but this was bad! He was mad! And without a doubt, when he was better, Lida was going to get it! ...or maybe not. Nonetheless, Seek's large eyes began to water, and with an adorable pout, he hid his face in Lida's chest.

LIDA: It was almost impossible for Lida to contain his laughter as he watched Seek panic. Chest heaving up and down rhythmically as he released a string of deep chuckles , eyes almost tearing from having scared the poor man but not doing so because as quickly as the laugther came it vanished. Seek really DID love that fish , didn`t he? Gaah. Wrinkling his nose and twitching slightly from the light hits inflicted upon him Lida pouted as he spotted the fresh tears beginning to form in Seek`s pretty eyes. " Oh come on , I was only joking! There isn`t even fish in that soup! " He pointed his index finger at the plastic bowl before cupping Seek`s face in his hands and wiping away the small hint of tears that glittered in his eyes. " Come on! You really think I`d do that?! " A frown began to overtake Lida`s lips and he hugged Seek closer to him. " Seeky poo can`t take a joke from Lida sama .. ? " He inquired with a half crooked smile , brushing strands of hair away from Seek`s face. " Listen Big Neko sama is still alive and swimming in the lake for that matter. It`s illegal for people to fish at the park , remember? "

Your jrockers journal: supaa_lida
comments: Um ... hiiiiii! :D;;;; \O0O/
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Konnichiwaa o_O; [09.18.2004 at 1:09pm.]
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Your name: Dai
jrockers name (band from): Kyo from Dir en grey
jrockers age/grade: Sixteen years of age, Freshman (>> he missed the cut off)
your AIM sn: xx shinjuu xx
a sample of your rping:

Kyo: A small whimper escaped deep within his throat as he wriggled, shaking his head as the voltage was turned up yet again. He couldn't take it... not anymore at least. It was slow torture how he felt his body twitching beyond his control in the chair, how... he felt like he couldn't breathe, and.... he felt as if he was about to cough up blood as well, just -because-. And if he could think right now, he would think how fucking stupid he was to look past the obvious and search for deeper answers. "....Aaah...." he winced and shook his head again, blonde strands covering his eyes which were SO close to welling with salty tears.

Aie: He left that on for a goodly long time too, watching the younger man writhe, moan in pain, spasm. Without one change of expression. Nor did he lose his smile," And here is another question.. now. Get it right Tooru-chan.. get it right.." He switched it off.".. Do you want this to end?"

Kyo: He struggled and flinched a couple of more times before he finally belted out quite a severe scream right after the question was asked. "HAI!" not CARING if that was the RIGHT answer or not, because that was what -HE- wanted, and had another violent spasm, even with the machine off, musscles twitching and... holy hell it hurt. "Nnghh..." the blonde felt like he was going to vomit as he held back the tears, and doing a good job of it, head cocking to the side as he began panting. "........"

Aie: "Correct Tooru-chaaann~" He coo'ed approveingly, but his fingers still lightly brushed against the switch pad, not turning anything on yet, but toying idly.. He tilted his head back," What would have to happen to make this end Tooru-chan. Think with your mind. Use logic. Not your heart. Your heart is shit. Your heart wont end this. No one cares if you cry. As with all the other's....if you answer incorrectly..." His fingers toyed again with the switches.

Kyo: His body shook a couple of times more as he continued staring at the floor, leaning forward now, his wrists and ankles feeling slightly scolded. "...if... I listen to you..." he sighed and swallowed, dark honey eyes drooping shut.

your jrockers journal: x__zomboid__x
comments: o.o; this should be interesting :B good idea Naka-chan! ^O^ always wanted to RP highschoolism XDD; o_O;

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[09.18.2004 at 4:40pm.]

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Your name: Kia

jrockers name (band from): Die, Andou Daisuke, from Dir en grey ^-^

jrockers age/grade: Um... I don't know about grades. So I'll have him be 17 8D old Die.

your AIM sn: Die loves Shinya

a sample of your rping:
The red headed boy sighed as he looked upon the large building before him. Grey, an unpleasant, unfriendly colour, equipped with the large black gate around it, did not appear too welcoming for the Mieken native, but he knew that it was quite impossible to turn back round now. Nevertheless, he gave the car which had taken him here a last, pitiful glance, not met with the encouraging face of his mother, but rather met with the little, black Ford Escort driving away. The dust it produced quite clearly signified that he'd have to follow these people, these students into the unfamiliar building and start a new life right there.

Although the seventeen year old boy, currently dressed in the compulsory school uniform, never saw a purpose of moving here, due to his school years being practically over, his parents had insisted in him coming over with them. Merely for the purpose of keeping him round to look after his brothers, as well as insist he pay money from his little part time job to pay for rent and help with the housework. Die sighed as he pushed through the door, holding it open for the girl behind him, but all he got in return was an odd look, due to the brightness of his hair, cut short, but possessing enough length to fall over his eyes as he waited for the receptionist to inform him on just where his classroom was.

He was not particularly happy, especially because of the restrictions of the uniform, the navy black pants feeling a little too tight, and the jacket not at all liked because he was never too fond of such formalities. And the tie. He was one step from tearing it odd. Nevertheless, a small smile did curl his lips in a polite thank you as he bowed and received his schedule. Noting instantly that the first lesson was to be gym... so he walked there, keeping his head down and ignoring the whispers about his rather bizarre appearance. He had better things to think about...

like being the captain of the kendo team!

your jrockers journal: super_cool_die

comments: We luff j000 Nakaaaa~! *wave* o.o Die will be a little shy here. Because he was considered to be rather shy in school so... yeah 8D

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