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Your name: Kia

jrockers name (band from): Die, Andou Daisuke, from Dir en grey ^-^

jrockers age/grade: Um... I don't know about grades. So I'll have him be 17 8D old Die.

your AIM sn: Die loves Shinya

a sample of your rping:
The red headed boy sighed as he looked upon the large building before him. Grey, an unpleasant, unfriendly colour, equipped with the large black gate around it, did not appear too welcoming for the Mieken native, but he knew that it was quite impossible to turn back round now. Nevertheless, he gave the car which had taken him here a last, pitiful glance, not met with the encouraging face of his mother, but rather met with the little, black Ford Escort driving away. The dust it produced quite clearly signified that he'd have to follow these people, these students into the unfamiliar building and start a new life right there.

Although the seventeen year old boy, currently dressed in the compulsory school uniform, never saw a purpose of moving here, due to his school years being practically over, his parents had insisted in him coming over with them. Merely for the purpose of keeping him round to look after his brothers, as well as insist he pay money from his little part time job to pay for rent and help with the housework. Die sighed as he pushed through the door, holding it open for the girl behind him, but all he got in return was an odd look, due to the brightness of his hair, cut short, but possessing enough length to fall over his eyes as he waited for the receptionist to inform him on just where his classroom was.

He was not particularly happy, especially because of the restrictions of the uniform, the navy black pants feeling a little too tight, and the jacket not at all liked because he was never too fond of such formalities. And the tie. He was one step from tearing it odd. Nevertheless, a small smile did curl his lips in a polite thank you as he bowed and received his schedule. Noting instantly that the first lesson was to be gym... so he walked there, keeping his head down and ignoring the whispers about his rather bizarre appearance. He had better things to think about...

like being the captain of the kendo team!

your jrockers journal: super_cool_die

comments: We luff j000 Nakaaaa~! *wave* o.o Die will be a little shy here. Because he was considered to be rather shy in school so... yeah 8D
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