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Your name: Dai
jrockers name (band from): Kyo from Dir en grey
jrockers age/grade: Sixteen years of age, Freshman (>> he missed the cut off)
your AIM sn: xx shinjuu xx
a sample of your rping:

Kyo: A small whimper escaped deep within his throat as he wriggled, shaking his head as the voltage was turned up yet again. He couldn't take it... not anymore at least. It was slow torture how he felt his body twitching beyond his control in the chair, how... he felt like he couldn't breathe, and.... he felt as if he was about to cough up blood as well, just -because-. And if he could think right now, he would think how fucking stupid he was to look past the obvious and search for deeper answers. "....Aaah...." he winced and shook his head again, blonde strands covering his eyes which were SO close to welling with salty tears.

Aie: He left that on for a goodly long time too, watching the younger man writhe, moan in pain, spasm. Without one change of expression. Nor did he lose his smile," And here is another question.. now. Get it right Tooru-chan.. get it right.." He switched it off.".. Do you want this to end?"

Kyo: He struggled and flinched a couple of more times before he finally belted out quite a severe scream right after the question was asked. "HAI!" not CARING if that was the RIGHT answer or not, because that was what -HE- wanted, and had another violent spasm, even with the machine off, musscles twitching and... holy hell it hurt. "Nnghh..." the blonde felt like he was going to vomit as he held back the tears, and doing a good job of it, head cocking to the side as he began panting. "........"

Aie: "Correct Tooru-chaaann~" He coo'ed approveingly, but his fingers still lightly brushed against the switch pad, not turning anything on yet, but toying idly.. He tilted his head back," What would have to happen to make this end Tooru-chan. Think with your mind. Use logic. Not your heart. Your heart is shit. Your heart wont end this. No one cares if you cry. As with all the other's....if you answer incorrectly..." His fingers toyed again with the switches.

Kyo: His body shook a couple of times more as he continued staring at the floor, leaning forward now, his wrists and ankles feeling slightly scolded. "...if... I listen to you..." he sighed and swallowed, dark honey eyes drooping shut.

your jrockers journal: x__zomboid__x
comments: o.o; this should be interesting :B good idea Naka-chan! ^O^ always wanted to RP highschoolism XDD; o_O;
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