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y0! 8D

Your name: Shin`ya , Moni

Jrocker`s name (band from): Lida , Psycho le cemu

Jrocker`s age/grade: Senior , 12th , 17 yrs old.

Your AIM sn: zankoku na made

a sample of your rping:

LIDA: " I brought you soup and that medicine you wanted. " Lifting both hands , he pushed the plastic bag and container of soup against Seek`s chest , making sure not to push to hard in fear of hurting the ill man. Once Seek had guesstured for him to come in , however , Lida quickly kicked off his shoes and made himself at home , but not before taking of his baseball cap , allowing his hair to spread about rampantly around his head. " How are you feeling .. ? " Quickly , he pressed palm against Seek`s forehead , noting how hot the other was before removing it and placing his hand by his side. " Judging by your temperature I`m sure you`re feeling like crap. " Lida joked , wrinkling his nose in a manner that most would find adorable as he flashed Seek a crooked smile before turning on his heel and sauntering into the kitchen to fetch a spoon for the soup he had brought over for Seek. " I hope you like the soup .. " He declared softly as he fished through the silverware drawer. " .. I made it myself after all. " He added soon after before releasing a small laugh and returning to stand in front of Seek , spoon in hand. " And don`t worry , I didn`t poison it or anything if that`s what you`re thinking. " Tugging on Seek`s shirt sleeve he motioned for the other to sit on the couch before carefully plopping down beside the blue haired man. " Other than that though , you look nice .. for a sick person that is .. I mean .. er .. not that you don`t look nice when you`re well or anything. " He coughed softly and cleared his throat. " Anyways .. eat up! "

SEEK: Seek kind of... watched. The poor, distorted bassist simply stood still, holding the soup, which was so precious and warm, to his chest as he watched Lida move through his apartment, wondering how the other remembered where everything was since the construction of it all seemed as complicated as a maze to him at this very moment. "Um..." he looked at Lida curiously, as if studying him, head tilted to the side. He was, actually taking a little time to observe the guitarist, looking for any minor changes, since his glasses and contacts weren't currently present in making his vision normal, and Lida was just a little blurred. "," he managed to somewhat regain his speech again, as those fuzzy slippered feet made their way to where he was guided, slipping down and looking at Lida with that obstructed curiosity again as he played with the spoon in-between his calloused fingertips. "...thanks... for the soup," a small smile of his own stretched his pale lips, as he finally realised just what he wad to do with the food, and despite not being ridiculously hungry, he decided that it would be interesting to try Lida's cooking since it didn't contain the said poison. "...and the message," he continued, pulling a rather cute face as he took the soup out, getting some on his large spoon and blowing on it before sipping it off cautiously, almost expecting to find some of Aya's remains in there. Or something of the sort. "Which made me dream about sheep," he wrinkled his nose adorably in Lida's direction, deciding to he was actually finding this soup quite delicious so he had a few more mouthfuls, almost looking at Lida in disbelief. "Wow, this is *nice*," he grinned, the comment not at all called for but he couldn't resist, elbowing Lida lightly in the side and practically collapsing on him as a result, since he was suddenly so damn sleepy. "What did you put in it?" And then, he chuckled softly, putting the soup down for a moment and pointing to himself, remembering Lida's comment. "'Nice?' How can this look 'nice?'" Pointing to his rather cute face now, he chuckled. "Not at all, but thank you for trying to make me feel better. You don't look too bad yourself."

LIDA: A small smile crept onto Lida`s lips as he watched Seek eat contently an unintentionally he scooted closer , draping his arm around Seek just as he practically collapsed atop Lida. " What`s in it .. ? " He paused for a moment in thought , pressing his index finger to his bottom lip , biting his fingertip softly before speaking. " Well ... I went to the park today and caught some fish ... " He started , grin growing more and more every passing second. " .. and one of them happened to be a catfish .. so I made soup out of it. It was huge .. and it reminded me of a neko neko. " To further elaborate Lida stretched his arms in a more than exaggerated visual reference. " .. I think it might`ve been that catfish you`re so fond of though. Then again , I can`t tell any of them apart so I just stewed them all. " Long fingers played idly with Seek`s hair as he took a deep breath and tried his best to calm his racing heary and his laughter as he leaned his back against the couch`s armrest , causing Seek to lay further on top of him with his head resting on Lida`s shoulder and Lida`s other arm propped atop the small of Seek`s back. " I hope you`re not mad or anything. I mean , it`s the thought that counts .. right ...? " He raised one of his finely manicured eyebrows before shutting his eyes. " And you look nice. Don`t disagree with me , okay .. ? " Lida wrinkled his nose , unknowingly tightening his grip on Seek`s much slender body.

SEEK: "LIDA!!" Seek practically shrieked, his brilliant hazel brown eyes widening in an instant, the soup completelly forgotten as the bassist twirled in his position, pressing his chest into the older man's as he gazed at him deeply with that expression of disbelief. "You KILLED Big Neko?!" His other hand moved to wrap long, slender fingers around the fabric of the other's shirt close to his heart, the grip so tight his knuckles turned an unhealthy shade of white as he looked up, lips parted, absolutelly shocked. "You murderer" Of course, much emphasis was added to this and Seek released a little squeak of terror as his eyes slowly shifted back to the soup, widening into a rather comical, cartoon-like expression, over-emotional anime hues as he realised that he had, or so he thought, ate his most beloved companion. Even though Big Neko technically wasn't his, he held a love for that cat fish much deeper than any caretaker! So the love, in his eyes, made Big Neko his most valued fish friend. "That is...." he looked back at the leader, his grip releasing on his shirt and instead he hit him lightly, well, rather with all the strength he possessed, but due to his unhappy state it turned feather light, emotions beginning to overtake him tremendously. His reaction time was slow, so now it was coming back, his entire complexion turned even more childlike, sad, and completely pitiful. "'re EVIL!" Even more emphasis, yet despite his suddenly developed hate for Lida, he nevertheless remained pressing to him, feeling his own heart beat increase in frequency, his cheeks taking a blush much deeper than one of fever. "I can't believe you did that! That's so heartless! OH!" Seek was whining now, not at all prepared to give Lida as much of a hard time as he would... had Lida killed a dog, for instance... but this was bad! He was mad! And without a doubt, when he was better, Lida was going to get it! ...or maybe not. Nonetheless, Seek's large eyes began to water, and with an adorable pout, he hid his face in Lida's chest.

LIDA: It was almost impossible for Lida to contain his laughter as he watched Seek panic. Chest heaving up and down rhythmically as he released a string of deep chuckles , eyes almost tearing from having scared the poor man but not doing so because as quickly as the laugther came it vanished. Seek really DID love that fish , didn`t he? Gaah. Wrinkling his nose and twitching slightly from the light hits inflicted upon him Lida pouted as he spotted the fresh tears beginning to form in Seek`s pretty eyes. " Oh come on , I was only joking! There isn`t even fish in that soup! " He pointed his index finger at the plastic bowl before cupping Seek`s face in his hands and wiping away the small hint of tears that glittered in his eyes. " Come on! You really think I`d do that?! " A frown began to overtake Lida`s lips and he hugged Seek closer to him. " Seeky poo can`t take a joke from Lida sama .. ? " He inquired with a half crooked smile , brushing strands of hair away from Seek`s face. " Listen Big Neko sama is still alive and swimming in the lake for that matter. It`s illegal for people to fish at the park , remember? "

Your jrockers journal: supaa_lida
comments: Um ... hiiiiii! :D;;;; \O0O/
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