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but we hang on

~Faded Styles~
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Hi all. You have stumbled upon Jrock-High, an AU (alternate universe) rp. It's run by me, Naka- _ink_stain_. :3 created on the morning of September 18th. Take a look around, and read all the info and consider joining!

Yaoi Friendly :3


This rp takes place in Tokyo, where, instead of the band members being band members, they were all just silly little teenagers. (like some of us here!) If you really want to as well, I can allow you to make your character a staff member! Meaning, anywhere from [rincipal to janitor or lunch lady. It's all up to you! The ages/grades go s so:

14 turning 15/15-freshman
15 turning 16/16-sophmore
16 turning 17/17-junior
17 turning 18/18-senior

(it all depends on month of birth)Or, if you really want to go there, older/younger, but within limits. For instance I don't want a senior who's 21. Please keep that within reason.

To join you need to have a few simple things.
post with a seperate journal for your jrocker in the community journal stating:

Your name:
jrockers name (band from):
jrockers age/grade:
your AIM sn:
a sample of your rping:
your jrockers journal:

rules (stolen from Moni/Kia and the [kr] cube rp--and modified)
1. Be respectful to others. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
2. Post in your muse journal(s) at least once every month. Inactivity will result in your character being removed from the community.
2b. I know it's hard to update all the time, hell I'm not doing well with it my self. this is one rule I'll be a bit easy on, just don't take advantage of it.
3. DON'T roleplay in the community journal, but DO post your roleplays in the community journal BEHIND an LJ CUT.
4. Since this is an AU RP, you don't totally have to be 'in character' but at least adopt some mannerisms from them in the real world.
5. Anything OOC ( Out of character ) may be posted in the community journal as long as it pertains to the RP/RPs and/or muns.
6. muns are only allowed 2 muses.
7. If you're going away and won't be able to update, tell me or dai and/or post in the community journal this way your character won't be taken away.
8. I am gonna enforce these rules so yeah..

other details
-Sine this is an AU rp, the jrockers may or may not know eachother. For instance, Die and Shinya know eachother in real life, but in high school, they might not.
-Minor made up characters, are allowed. You can make a seperate journal for them, but it isn't necessary. If you do choose to make a journal to go with your original character, please let us know in your claiming post. Also give a description of what the character is like -- appearance and basic idea behind him or her. Pretty much the same as a regular jrock-based character. But please, don't base the character off yourself and then make it date an 'already exisitng' character, that would just be the slightest bit sad, ne?
-if you want to make nify little icons for this place, feel free to XD; but that doesn't mean I'm going to allow you another character or something o-o;


Dir En Grey
[x]Shinya----> Naka disolusion AIM - exposure fanatic
[x]Toshiya----> Miya xxx__obscure AIM - sono toki made/yurari to
[x]Kaoru----> Nikki marrant_oddity AIM - xdomesticxfxcker
[x]Kyo---->Dai x__zomboid__x AIM - X wrist cut show
[x]Die---->Kia super_cool_die AIM - Die loves Shinya

[x] Sakito----> Donna _s_a_k_i_t_o_ AIM lo necromance ol

Psycho Le Cemu
[x] Lida----> Shin'ya/Moni supaa_lida AIM zankoku na made/ shinya loves die
[x] seek----> Kia fish__god AIM die loves shinya

[x]Hitsugi----> Jenelle graveboy AIM x rose garnet x

[x] Yoshiki---->Maz __sir__ AIM lady lakise

[x] Lucy---->Miya storm__blast AIM sono toki made/yurari to
[x] hide---->Naka pinker_spider_ AIM exposure fanatic

[x] Fara---->Nikki hano_ne AIM exsponged

if you have any questions feel free to IM me at exposure fanatic